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    My 11th & 12th payments from EasyHits4U !


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    My 11th & 12th payments from EasyHits4U !

    Post  jeangraham76 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:44 am

    Hello All !

    Below are my 11th & 12th payments from EasyHits4U - No. 1 Traffic Exchange !

    EasyHits4U is the most popular and No. 1 traffic exchange, which is online since 2003.

    Traffic exchange is a program where you earn credits just by viewing sites, which you can use to promote your own affiliate links. The best thing about EasyHits4U is that by surfing you not only receive credits but you also receive cash - $0.30 per 1000 sites surfed. You can even get 1:1 surf ratio, which means 1  credit for 1 site viewed and you can get it even as a free member. Minimum payout is $3 and the payment options available are paypal and payza. While surfing you receive bonuses (after every 25 sites surfed) which can be advertising credits (text ads, banner ads and surfing credits), surf drawing tickets and cash.

    EasyHits4u is free to join and you have to surf 100 sites after joining to fully activate your EasyHits4U account. EasyHits4U also provides you free tools to promote your affiliate links. You get 3 splash pages and 1 site rotator as a standard (free) member. You can submit your URL to EasyHits4U business directory for free.

    You receive 500 credits, 2000 banner impressions, 2500 text ad impressions every month, once you upgrade your account to premium, with more benefits like additional bonus credits, exchange ratio on 1:1 timer, increased number of active sites, random referrals added from direct sign-ups, higher guaranteed prizes on bonus pages.

    Premium upgraded membership costs only $7.95 per month - New ultimate membership $19.95 per month with lots of benefits

    Unique Feature : Minimum payout only $3 (paypal and payza)

    You can join EasyHits4U Here !

    Thank You !

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